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The history of typography summarized in Type: Driver

It’s never a tasty dish when we find games created from different and a very recognizable mixture is restored, even damaging the eyesight. However, if we were able to enjoy a game while learning new things about the history of typography, the fact that it is a copy or a mix of other games remains in the background. Type: Rider is a creation that helps us understand better The origin of writing as we know it today.

First impression and gameplay

If last week we showed you a game that is very similar to others, today we’re bringing you another “copy”, but one that has a completely different taste in our mouths. We live in a world of words, we tattoo our cities from top to bottom every day. Writing dresses us and sometimes protects us. Though the lyrics permeate our lives we know little about its origin. Bulkypix and the French art channel created this genre work based on the history of typography.


Type: Driver wants to change this trend and wants the knowledge of The forms of writing reach the whole world through this game. Now available for iOS and Android. Type: Rider allows us to explore a number of incredibly well designed levelseach of which focuses on a specific typeface as well as the typographic history associated with it.

For example, when a player navigates a world of Gothic architecture, he or she learns something else at the same time. about Johannes Gutenberg and its typography. The game consists of the management of a few points, which are always linked by these carefully designed scenarios. We will be able to jump, run, dive and flyThanks to some jets of water. Fire and red blackberries will be our most recent enemies.

The controls are simple, although the actions that we have to take in some moments are not like that. We can choose which to use Terminal accelerometer, press the virtual buttons or on one side or the other of the screen as instructions. I touch more and choose screen controls. Press left or right in the direction you want and press a press twice we will jump to our points.

Gameplay 9

As in any platform game, we will move through all the scenarios where we will jump and avoid traps and dangers. But we have to do it too Collect all the letters of the alphabet along the wayas well as some little white stars that add to our bottom line. At the end of each of the worlds (10 in total) we have to squeeze the coconut Take the white ball in its place Correct and place our two black dots next to it and you can unlock the exit of the world.

The game designers put it in their wise words:

Typography is an ancient and invisible art that few people really master, but the story of letters is ultimately the story of humanity. With this in mind, we set out to create a game that would allow players to learn about the history of typography and literally explore it inside.

Graphics and sound area

It shows that they have bet extreme care in the design of the stages. Most of the levels (40 in total divided into 10 worlds or fonts) were designed with a fairly dark color palette. Dark would be the word to define every single corner that we find in Type: Driver. The physics is very well done But as we said at the beginning, it mixes a lot of things from other titles like World of Goo, Naught 2, Dark or Spirits.

The sound in this title class tends to be different from the other blockbusters. It will a lot of affection for the sound section and to its main soundtrack, as the budget for the graphic part is usually not very high. Headphones are recommended to play (for a reason) because the music is wonderful and the ambient effects always keep us locked on to the screen of our terminal.

Gameplay 6


People are naturally curious and at least it happens to me that I can’t go to bed without knowing something new. The world of typography was unknown We hope that by this week, for many of you, you can learn more about this fascinating field of human history that has been so forgotten.

The game can be downloaded from Google Play for 2.69 euros. It’s not one of the lowest prices we’ve found, but it’s well worth it. Get ready for Download almost 200MB. Best of all, by explaining the history of each script through multiple texts, the game is total in Spanish, something to be grateful for in these cases.

Google play | Type: driver

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Game cover

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