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The first Android security update of the year is now available

First month of the year, first security update. In order not to lose the habit, last Monday, January 1st, Google has published the Android Security Bulletinand next to it the corresponding one Security updatewho today their use between the Google Pixel series models.

The update in question is available for All Google Pixel except 2016 modelswho will receive their last OTA in December. In addition, owners of a Pixel 4 who have not yet received any of the previous updates will receive an OTA that unifies the patches from the last few months.

In contrast to the December update, this is also not included Relevant new features as this is not a Pixel Feature drop update. This was to be expected given that Google had stated at the time that these types of updates would be released every three months.

Update system

Those who don’t want to wait for the OTA to arrive on their phones – even though the deployment has already started so it shouldn’t take long to land on all devices – can proceed with the manual installation of the Google published OTA file . It is also necessary to mention that again Essential was one of the first to customize this patch for his only device, and some of the latest models from Samsung You have also already started receiving the patch.

On the other hand, the security bulletin published by Google lists them all Vulnerabilities that have been fixed with this update, categorized according to the level of threat to the platform. In addition, it contains several contains Specific performance improvements for Pixel phones listed below:

Function patches January 2020

The January 2020 Android security patch there will gradually be compatible models. However, it is already possible Download the appropriate update packages for each deviceto perform the manual installation either from the OTA file or from the factory image of each terminal:

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