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BQ Aquaris M4.5 in the test: Because the 4.5 inch still has a lot to say

Today we need to analyze one of the new BQ phones that BQ Aquaris M4.5, was only introduced to the rest of this new family last February, even though it only launched a few weeks ago. It’s the little brother of the BQ Aquaris M5 that also posed for our camera and, oddly enough, terminals less than 5 inches are still being made and this BQ model is a good representative for that.

We leave you with him BQ Aquaris M4.5 review so that you can see all of the advantages – and also the negatives – of a Smartphone its main competitor is the Motorola Moto E 4G, although others can keep up. Will it be up to the task? Let’s try it out!

Properties and technical data

Essentially, The BQ Aquarias M4.5 is a M5 with a reduced sizeAt least with the naked eye, as the design line is exactly the same. The similarities practically end here, however, and when we look at the terminal we see that this time around The Spanish company has returned to its roots I’m assembling a MediaTek processor, possibly with the idea of ​​being able to adjust the price a little more to see if an a is being assembled chip Qualcomm like they did with the other devices in the family. east Chipset is accompanied by 1 or 2 GB of RAM and 8 or 16 GB of storageaccording to the model.

Front overview of the BQ Aquaris M4.5

As always for him software They keep relying on Android, and that’s where we find it the latest version of the system, Android 5.1.1 Lollipopwith certain useful additions such as double tapping to wake up the screen or configuring the notification LED. It’s also worth highlighting the 8 and 5 megapixel cameras, both with lightning LED and 1: 2.0 bezel as well as a sound system with a speaker on the lower edge and Dolby Audio technology. These are All technical data of the BQ Aquaris M4.5::

BQ Aquaris M 4.5
Dimensions 130 x 63 x 8.7 mm
Weight 115 grams
operating system Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
screen 4.5 inch IPS OGS with Quantum Color + and Dragontrail protection
resolution 960 x 540 pixels qHD (244.77 ppi)
Chipset Mediatek MT6735
Central processor 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 1 GHz
GPU ARM Mali-T70MP1 up to 450 MH
R.A.M. 1/2 GB
warehouse 8/16 GB expandable internally
Connectivity Dual SIM, 4G LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio, Micro-USB 2.0, 3.5 mm socket
Cameras 8 megapixels in the back with double flash
5 megapixel front with flash
Drums 2470 mAh


We can buy the 8GB BQ Aquaris M4.5 on Amazon, for one Price of only 165.50 euros. The version with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage has an official price of 199 euros.

Video analysis


The BQ Aquaris M4.5 is a very balanced terminal that fulfills all important areasAnd that is particularly noticeable on the screen, despite its qHD resolution, in the photographic field with good quality, taking into account the segment in which we are, and also in that of the software, with a very fluid operation, and in which the Autonomy, superior to what we are used to in general.

All of this, along with the economic price, they do one of the best options in this lower middle range. One of the best value for money in this size.

Reversing camera and flash on the BQ Aquaris M4.5

Positive points

  • screen: Don’t let the qHD resolution fool you. OGS technologies and especially Quantum Color + give us excellent quality in this panel with good brightness and good viewing angles. In addition, it is protected by Dragontrail.
  • Drums: The 2470 mAh is a great source of energy for a team that knows how to manage its consumption thanks to the resolution of the screen and the efficiency of its processor.
  • camera: Good feelings with both the rear and the front camera. It’s really difficult to get photos of this quality for so little money.

Bad points

  • delay in time: It is particularly noticeable in the most demanding games that this is not the case Chipset from MediaTek, albeit in a timely manner.
  • Audio: Although it has Dolby technology, the maximum volume is too low, so we miss a little more performance.

Rear view camera of the BQ Aquaris M4.5

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