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Clubhouse is already testing its beta version for Android

Everything seems to indicate that Clubhouse will be available to all Android users in a few weeks.

One of the applications that is revolutionizing the way we communicate with our friends and family is what is known as the clubhouse Audio social network, which is now only available to iPhone owners, but will soon reach the Google Play Store due to its managers They are already testing their beta version for Android.

Clubhouse for Android is now available in beta for some users

The arrival of Clubhouse on Android is getting closer and closer

As the guys from the XDA-Developers Clubhouse tell us, he shared an entry on his blog with the details of the latest version of his application for iOS. Above all, however, this article also showed that the company is already starting to sell a beta version for some users on Android and that he hopes to expand it to all users in just a few weeks.

The best alternatives to Clubhouse for Android

Clubhouse started work on the Android version of its application at the beginning of the yearAt this point, the developers confirmed that this has been one of their priorities since starting this project. Now they are completing the rollout of their platform for Google’s mobile operating system as they see some competitors like Twitter with their Spaces or Telegram with their Voice Chats 2.0 they were already ahead of him and others like Facebook and Instagram are already working on their own alternative.

The makers of the audio social network still You did not provide the exact dates of the arrival of your application for AndroidHowever, the availability of a beta version is the final step before it is made for everyone on the Play Store.

These are all ways to get a clubhouse invite

What is not yet known is whether they will follow the same strategy that was used in iOS for registering new users, which is necessary an invitation from another person who is active on the platform to use it.

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