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This is the NOMU T18, the rugged terminal used by professionals

Robust terminals are not for everyone, but that’s true There is a small redoubt of users who need a workable terminal under the most extreme conditions without them stopping to work. And we’re not just talking about fans of extreme sports or water sports, but also about people whose work environment can pose undue risks to a phone.

One of the brands that knows best how to take care of this user profile is NOMU, a company from Asia that specializes in this type of terminal. They recently introduced their new model, the NOMU T18, a device that can withstand any setback without twitching.

The first thing you need to know about this terminal, and the most important thing is that it has one big antenna above, similar to the phones from many years ago that let us use our NOMU as if a Walkie talkie it will be. In addition, it has a special connector on the back that can be used to connect a high quality camera that we attach to our clothing and with which we can record all of our movements.

nomu-t18-military resistance

Although they seem a little eccentric, these connections can turn into Key tools in risky situations like fire or police chase. In fact, this model has been certified by the U.S. military itself, so it doesn’t exactly seem silly.

In addition to these inclusions that make it unique, this NOMU has features IP68 water and dust resistance, fingerprint reader able to recognize our finger in 0.3 seconds, 5200 mAh battery, NFC, compass, GPS, Glonass and even some dedicated buttons for direct emergency calls or your own settings.

If you would like to take a look at this NOMU T18, we invite you to visit the company’s website. And when you realize it’s the phone you’ve been looking for, you can Buy it directly in your official shop for around 280 euros.

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