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Enjoy these Chillingo and EA games that are discounted to 10 cents

Google Play is still one of the best app stores for Android phones. Today, many users visit the store on a daily basis to update, purchase, or even download some of the thousands and thousands of applications in the store for free.

Occasionally, Google Play brings out offers from paid applications or tests them that everyone can enjoy. It’s the example of game sales we saw at 19 cents a few months ago. However, this does not only apply to Google Play, as the Amazon Store usually gives away games and applications worth 100 euros.

It’s not strange to see we’re using more of ours every day Smartphones play. Therefore, today we are going to offer you a selection of games for 10 cents made by Google Play and previously collected by Xataka Android in its publication, which are the following:


The classic board game by monopoly Undoubtedly, in order to buy or rent real estate, we have to manage our money one of the most classic games and known to everyone. Without a doubt, after the mobile device launches, it will promise many hours of fun to addicts of this classic board game.


Google play | Monopoly (EUR 0.10)

Robbery Bob 2: Double Problems

Robbery Bob 2: Double Problems shows us a thief game in which Bob, the protagonist will do its thing. You’ll have to avoid the police, patrol retirees, and other traps in order to achieve your goal of getting the hang of something Bob is trying to steal. This is what they say on Google Play about the new game:

  • 60 new levels of looting and fun! – What wonders will you see on the streets of Mafioso Beach, Shamville and Seagull Bay?
  • Play hide and seek – sneak around, hang on to walls and stay hidden. Make noise to distract the guards and if you’re caught red-handed, get to your feet!
  • Old Bob, New Tricks – Use RC cars, teleport mines, and tons of gadgets to help Bob avoid trouble.
  • Dress for the occasion – move secretly and in style with various outfits from Cassie’s costume rental

Google play | Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble (0.10 euros)

Empty room

Dead Space leads us into the type game Sagittarius in the third person for ours Smartphone Android set in space. This is the description of the game on Google Play:

Have one of the most breathtaking and scary mobile experiences. With state-of-the-art graphics, a wealth of effects and atmospheric lighting, it reproduces the cinematic terror of the console experience. A stereo soundtrack with fully synchronized vocals and scores in cinema quality and sound effects for total immersion in the fear of dead space.

Google play | Dead space (0.10 euros)

Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted

The saga of one of the best car games is available for Android. If we already remembered how those Need For Speed ​​games kept us entertaining us for hours on consoles, now it will be the same for cellphones. The new Most Wanted provides improvements over the old one that make you the owner of the asphalt. Of course there are some limitations as it is not compatible for all devices and is heavy (more than 1.9 GB).

Google play | Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted (0.10 euros)

Incredible Jack

Incredible Jack is an action packed classic old school platformer. Help Jack, a brave Timbergrote, save his family by exploring seven worlds, jumping on enemies and solving puzzles. Reunite Jack with his loved ones and put an end to the evil plans of the demons of the underworld.

Google play | Incredible Jack (0.10 euros)

In fear I trust

In Fear I Trust is an adventure, a psychological thriller full of puzzles that we must solve in order to escape an installation full of spooky places with a haunting atmosphere.

Google play | In Fear I Trust (0.10 euros)

Power ping pong

Power ping pong brings us a twist on the idea of ​​this sport, but in arcade mode. We can see how the game differs from other ping pong games. This is the Google Play description of the game:

  • Classic ping pong game dynamics with a kung fu touch.
  • Compete against the table tennis pros in arcade mode.
  • Build up energy to define powerful roles.
  • Challenge your friends in online and local multiplayer.
  • Master 12 different clubs and 8 opponents.

Google play | Power ping pong (0.10 euros)

Contre Jour

Contre Jour is the acclaimed puzzle platformer. If you haven’t played before, don’t hesitate because you won’t find it cheaper anymore. Transform the landscape with your finger while you save the mysterious Petit creature. Slide, slide and tap branches, air geysers and pulleys to solve clever puzzles.


Google play | Contre Jour (0.10 euros)

Lightning fleece

Fleece Lightning is a game starring Shaun the Sheep. In Fleece Lightning we have to escape the pigs and avoid all obstacles in the more than 80 levels.

Google play | Fleece Lightning (EUR 0.10)

As we can see, these games will help us get through funny moments And even more with the offer.

Would you stay with one What is your favorite? Do not hesitate to leave your opinion.

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