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How to transfer all data, pictures, contacts and applications to your new phone

Learn how to transfer all of your data to a new mobile phone: all the methods for transferring photos, contacts, data and much more to your smartphone.

The release of a new cell phone is an experience as satisfying as it is tedious. You can finally enjoy all the news and benefits that the new hardware that is now part of your life brings, but it is necessary to take a moment Pass all data, pictures, contacts, applications and other information that you had saved in the old device on the new one.

Although this process was even more complex a few years ago than it is today, thanks to the emergence of new systems and platforms everything has been simplified so that the user can quickly share their information, or even this process is done automatically when you start a new phone. Today we are going to walk you through how to do it step by step so you can Transfer photos from one phone to another and other data easily.

How to transfer data from one mobile phone to another step by step

First of all, we have to remind you that a few weeks ago we published an in-depth article explaining step by step how to make a full backup of your Android phone. After this process, it becomes a lot easier Restore all the data saved on the old mobile phone and transfer it to the new device.

The classic way: cables and computers

Move data to a new Android device on Mac

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We start with the simplest process and at the same time one of the most effective, but also slower than the others. If you have a computer handy, you can copy all of the data from your old device to a folderfrom which the stored information is later transferred to the internal memory of the terminal that has just been released. This is of course made easier if both phones have support for microSD cards, as the data doesn’t even need to be copied to the computer. However, formatting the card is always recommended before using it in a new phone.

When using this process, different situations could arise depending on the operating system used on your computer or the manufacturer of your smartphone. When using Windows or Linux and a pure Android or branded terminal with no data transfer software For desktops like Samsung Smart Switch, it is enough to connect the phone to the computer and transfer the data to be later put into the memory of the new device.

If you are using macOS, you will have to resort to an application made by Google called Android file transfer. It’s a desktop tool that enables Moving data from an Android device to a Mac computer and vice versa. Unfortunately, there are certain restrictions, such as: B. a limit of 4 GB per file when transferring data to the smartphone in question.

Yes on the other side The manufacturer of your device uses Samsung Smart Switch-style software, so things are simplified – As long as you correctly install the necessary drivers on the device – as this type of tool generally allows you to share data quickly and through a user-friendly interface. In this case, the steps depend on the type of software from each manufacturer.

The automatic way: with your Google account

Google Photos for Android

But, What if you rely on Google to transfer your data from one phone to another? Well, everything will be very easy for you. First, you need to get used to the services of the large G.B. an automatic backup integrated in the system, which is available via the settings. Once you’ve found, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Access … System sectionand click on the category Backup copy.
  • Activate the option Backup to Google Drive

This is how Google starts storing all of this data in your Google Drive:

  • Google contact details
  • Google Calendar events and settings
  • Passwords and Wi-Fi networks
  • Background images
  • Gmail settings
  • Applications
  • Screen settings (brightness and sleep time)
  • Language settings and text input
  • Date and Time
  • Settings and information for applications not developed by Google (varies by application)

When the new device is shared, configure it for the first time and enter the Google account associated with this backup. All data will be restored automaticallywithout doing anything and in the background so you can keep enjoying your brand new smartphone.

Backups on Android

And how do I transfer my photos, pictures and videos from one cell phone to another? Since the copier system does not have access to the data stored in the internal memory, one of the platforms that Google offers us for this purpose must also be used Google Drive or Google Photos. We recommend the latter for its ease of use, as well as the options it includes for organizing photos and videos.

To upload all of your photos and videos to Google Photos and view or download them later on your new smartphone, all you need to do is to do the following:

  1. Access … Google photos settings from the side wall.
  2. Enter the section Back up and sync.
  3. Activate the option Create and synchronize backup cupand select all the folders you want to copy.

Now when you download Google Photos on the new device and sign in with the account, All the pictures, albums and videos copied from the old phone will be there. without having to do practically anything. That was the future.

On the other hand, In case your previous phone was an iPhone and you decided to move to Android Well done, Google also offers you a useful tool to make the jump from one platform to another a lot easier.

The “wireless” way: with “Copy my data”


There are also tools on Google Play that allow you to transfer data from one phone to another with little effort. This is especially useful in situations where you forgot to make a backup. “Copy My Data” is one of the most popular and highly rated on Google Play although not updated for more than half a year.

The handling is very easy. It is enough to download the application on both phones connected to the same Wi-Fi network and transfer all the data from the old device to the new one. This tool offers the ability to copy contacts, calendar events, pictures and videos.

The truth is Transferring data from one Android to another with this application is very easy. as the various pointers guide us through the various steps to be taken. After the transfer has been successfully completed, all information is available on the new device.

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