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Xiaomi doubles sales in Spain in one year, OPPO multiplied by 10 and Samsung falls

The cellular market is shrinking and Samsung is suffering, but Chinese manufacturers seem immune to the global crisis with Xiaomi and OPPO as major players in Europe

It’s his a turbulent year this 2020, even in an industry like that of smartphones, which is used to almost infinite growth, but with which it is experiencing its first major crisis in ten years a bump in the number of sales However, this does not seem to affect the Chinese manufacturers.

Indeed, it is that studies by specialized consultants such as Canalys for the past second quarter of 2020, Xiaomi and OPPO remain clear protagonists, and Samsung is falling at a record pace both in Spain and in the rest of the European markets.

Xiaomi in one of its large store openings in Europe

The data doesn’t lie and it is Xiaomi is growing rapidly in Spain already from the throne of the mobile communications market, with + 151% very significant keep a fair piece of the pie, a 37% market share.

The big surprise, however, was OPPO, not because of its 4% of Compartir in mobile sales in Spain, but because of it 1126% growth, which means multiply by 10 Units shipped compared to 2019.

In a crisis scenario in global mobile device sales, Chinese manufacturers seem immune to Xiaomi and OPPO, which are seen in the green numbers in European markets

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The mobile communications market in the second quarter of 2020

This was the second quarter of 2020 in the Spanish market

Samsung falls 45% but retains second place with its share of 20% and a Huawei Those who wanted to be number one in 2020 are satisfied with 18% and the third step of the podium after his problems with the Trump administration. ** Apple is fourth with 8% in Spain and growing slightly, expect a much better figure in the European world where The apple company is in second place with 21% Compartir and it grows 42%.

For his part, Samsung continues to lead in Europe with 31% but it does not escape great falls, and here Xiaomi and Huawei share the numbers in third place although Xiaomi is growing and Huawei is in significant contraction.

The mobile communications market in the second quarter of 2020

This was the second quarter of 2020 in the European market

At the European level, the presence of HMD Global in fifth placeTo demonstrate that Nokia It continues to have followers despite seeing a drop in sales compared to 2019.

Finally we also have a graphic of the Western European markets separatelythat almost copied the world of the old continent, with the exception of the swap between Huaweiwho is in third place with 1 percentage point more, and Xiaomi.

The mobile communications market in the second quarter of 2020

This was the second quarter of 2020 in the Western European market

Xiaomi congratulates from these results and it is not for less because its international landing was made to wait longer than it should and Despite their late arrival, consumers have opened their doors to them with determination and joy, even now, if OPPO also wants to compete on an equal footing:

Without the strong support of My Fans, consumers and our business partners, we would never have achieved these second quarter results in these difficult times. As I mentioned earlier, from an emotional point of view, Spain is very important to Xiaomi. Without a doubt, Spain is a priority market for us and we will continue to expand our product portfolio so that everyone can enjoy the best technologies.

Owen (Wen Ou), head of Xiaomi in Western Europe

It remains to be seen whether Samsung manages to improve after the best of its second-semester catalog arrives, and we’ll also see if exiting this global seclusion scenario helps boost sales The most important discount campaigns and Christmas are already coming up already met a couple of months.

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