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4 amplifiers for your mobile screen, magnifying effect at a good price

These products are ideal for watching movies or series on your smartphone without affecting the picture quality.

If you are one of those who watch a lot of multimedia content on your smartphone, you will surely like these accessories that we show you below. It’s about amplifiers for the mobile screen and that while they do not offer an amazing result, they can get you out of more than one problem.

Screen with stereo speakers

This display amplifier prevents eye strain. It enlarges the screens from 2 to 4 and has bluetooth, stereo sound and hands-free calling.

With eye protection

This magnifying glass serves as a projector for the phone, Extend the mobile device screen to twice its size. Compatible with every smartphone or tablet on the market.

Octopus type support screen

The good thing about this screen intensifier or mobile magnifier is that it has “octopus type” support We can place anywhere and in different positions.

The foldable magnifying glass for your mobile phone

This magnifying glass is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for on the go. Increase the size of your smartphone screen up to 14 inches (2 to 4 times magnification) and does not require a battery.

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