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Best indie games for Android of 2020 according to Google

If you want to get into an indie game, make it one of these games.

As planned, on July 27th, Google announced the winners of its Indie Games Festival, the competition in which developers from all over the world face each other to identify their titles as the best games In the of the year.

Google selected the finalists from all the finalists nine winners, three from each of the participating regions: Europe, Japan, and South Korea. All winners will receive different prizes to help them continue their journey in the world of mobile video game creation Meetings with experts from the Google Play team, Google hardware, advertising campaigns in the App Store and more.

Cookies Must Die is one of the Indie Games Festival 2020 winners

These were the winners of Google’s 2020 Indie Games Festival

Next we list each and every one of the nine competitions this competition organized by Google along with the name of the company that is responsible for its implementation. We also offer you a download link to Google Play so you can try which ones have been selected according to the information provided by the jury responsible for selecting the winners the best games In the for Android 2020.

  • European winner
    • Cookies Must Die by Rebel Twins (Poland): A fun title we tested on 24enews, in which a candy factory started making mutated biscuits that want to destroy society on the orders of their evil bosses. Your mission Of course, kill all the cookies and don’t let a single one escape.
    • Inbento from Afterburn (Poland)– An addicting game that involves playing with food, making homemade recipes and enjoying a sweet culinary story.
    • The white door at Rusty Lake (Netherlands)– This game puts you in the shoes of Robert Hill after waking up in a mental health institute and suffering from severe amnesia. You must follow the institute’s rigorous daily routine, researching his dreams and helping him regain his memories.
  • Japan winner
    • GIGAFALL from Shiki Game Studio– Control satellite lasers orbiting the earth and destroy meteorites – all in one game with amazing 8-bit graphics.
    • METBOY! by REBUILD GAMES– Take control of a “METBOY” with a “Blade Met” and venture into “Metland”, a game with retro graphics reminiscent of classic consoles.
    • Wasurenaide, otona ni natte mo from GAGEX Co., Ltd.: The story of a boy looking for his father in a game with Minecraft-style graphics.
  • South Korean winners
    • Heroes Restaurant by Team Tapas: An easy role-playing game with an anime aesthetic in which you take control of a restaurant and fight the most curious monsters.
    • Magic Survival from LEME– Survive hordes of enemies that appear in this game with minimalist graphics.
    • Project Mars by Moontm– Become the leader of the Mars Survival Project to colonize Mars and collect all the resources necessary to survive the dangers of the red planet.

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