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Can Google (finally) compete against Apple with Android 12?

Android 12 may be the perfect excuse to create the ultimate ecosystem.

Android and iOS are without a doubt the two most popular mobile operating systems in the world. The first, under the guidance of Google, is characterized by its freedom and infinite possibilities. The second, Apple’s, to be more closed, more secure and for an ecosystem in which all devices fit perfectly.

With their advantages and disadvantages, it is also correct that both operating systems have more and more elements in common. Now Google has presented its new version Android 12, which in addition to many new functions as well could (finally) face the perfect ecosystem of the bitten appleor we want that.

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With Android 12, Google could create its own ecosystem

A device with Android 12 installed.

Computers, tablets, watches, cell phones, smart watches … Apple created a perfect line of devices. Each of these products complements the previous one and, on top of that, creates new requirements. The user who buys an iPhone ends up buying an iPad, later some AirPods, then an Apple Watch … and so on, until they end up in the Cupertino sect and there is no way of returning.

As for Apple, many things can be criticized, but in the latter, which we explained, they are true geniuses. Quite the opposite of Google. Big G may have the best mobile operating system, but otherwise it’s a complete disaster, especially when it comes to marketing.

It has left the tablet market, its Chromebooks aren’t launching outside of countries like the US, and Smartwatches with Wear OS are still light years away from the Apple Watch. Fortunately, this could change with Android 12.

Android 12 is the biggest revolution in years. It’s not just a total facelift in terms of the user interface, but also in terms of the intentions. The first step in the complete renovation of Wear OS and its alliance with a giant like Samsung.

WearOS was combined with Tizen to improve the performance and autonomy of watches. In addition, the development platform has been standardized and welcomes Tizen developers. Both Google and Samsung are keen to compete with Apple in this market, so very good things can come out of this alliance.

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For all of this, it’s time for Google to put the batteries in. Make Android 12 the turning point to create your own ecosystem. We don’t think it will be the new Apple, but we learn from them.

Create an operating system that you can enjoy not only on a mobile phone but also on tablets, watches and computers like Chromebooks, or at least in a way that all of these devices complement each other. Let Google do whatever it takes to look like Apple in this regard. May Android 12 be the turning point we all want.

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