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6 Years and NVIDIA Shield TV is being updated again: What’s new in Version 8.2.3?

It didn’t find much adoption in Spain, but NVIDIA keeps the support of its Shield TV alive more than six years later.

It was certainly not the most successful device in NVIDIA in recent years, and yet the Santa Clara manufacturer continues to put meat on the spit Shield TVthat is updated once more with a service life of more than six years Version 8.2.3 with significant improvements.

It’s funny because it’s about one of the oldest Android devices in history, despite the fact that it failed Android 9 Pie and will continue without it, possibly due to a lack of driver support for new versions of the operating system or directly because NVIDIA is committed to improving its proprietary firmware Ignoring the Android base it is using.

Google Stadia on a TV through NVIDIA Shield.

Anyway, the scene Android even explains how to run Google Stadia on NVIDIA Shield to access high quality, modern titles, and the popular graphics hardware maker is now suggesting us. the biggest update since 2019, starting with a security improvement Update of the Google patches from April 2021.

In case you want to consult them changelog complete, here we link you NVIDIA website with full information, while we’re still talking about the NVIDIA Shield Experience news:

How to play Google Stadia on the NVIDIA Shield

The build will be 32.6.518.0 and enter Improvements and optimizations in fluidity and interface and, in addition to increasing native support for third-party accessories and Gamepads from other manufacturers.

Thus, NVIDIA Shield TV is compatible with the SCUF Infinity4PS, SCUF Impact and SCUF Prestige, and allows you to use others wireless peripherals via Corsair Slipstream USB receiverto be able to connect the Corsair K57 RGB keyboard, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro mouse or the Corsair Virtuoso RGB headphones.

It should be remembered that previous updates stopped using the new controllers for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. much to the delight of most video game fanatics.

What hasn’t changed is the official information on NVIDIA’s upgrade plans, the For now, it remains an unsolved mystery whether Shield TV will one day rise from Android 9.0 Pie to newer versions with the new Android APIs and functionalities.

Something is something, I suppose, so NVIDIA should be commended for continuing to support a device with so much market experience.

Nvidia Shield TV gets Android 9 Pie four years after it was launched

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