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Valorant is coming to mobile phones very soon: Riot Games has just confirmed it

Riot Games has just announced that Valorant will have a version for iOS and Android.

Riot Games just confirmed that Valorant will have a mobile versionthat would reach both Android and iOS within a year. It wouldn’t be a port anyone but a game fully adapted to mobile screens, far removed from the PC experience.

So far, playing Valorant on the mobile phone it was a distant possibilityThough Riot Games has claimed to be exploring other platforms for the title since the game was released a year ago.

Either way, thanks to a Interview with Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of Valorant, published in Polygon, we learned that the successful franchise Sister of League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics, will have its adaptation to the small screen.

When will Valorant for Mobile be launched and what is known about the project?

Alongside LoL and TFT, Valorant is one of the most successful Riot Games projects

Unfortunately, there is no clear date for the arrival on the cell phone. As Donlon commented in an interview with Riot Games You cannot confirm any databut they hope it can be published In a year.

The announcement of the mobile version of Valorant coincides with the first anniversary of the game, which is celebrated with a undisputed success of the franchisethat average at the beginning of the year 3 million players a day.

An overwhelming number that Riot Games will try to bring to Android and iOS with one touch 100% refurbished customization from the original PC version. Therefore, the Valorant manager has emphasized that Valorant for mobile devices a Unique experience, adapted to the needs of mobile players. As stated by Donlon, the goal is It doesn’t turn PC gamers into mobile gamers but to build a new community around the smartphone.

Maybe that’s why from Riot Games the Crossplay between the mobile version and the PC version, a function that in principle It won’t be available.

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Given the current success of Valorant, as soon as it is with us, the mobile version of Valorant It would go straight to the list of the best Android shooters, rivaling titles like Call of Duty: Mobile or Fortnite right away.

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