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According to AnTuTu, these are the most powerful cell phones in May

Little discussion remains, the 10 best performing Android phones on the market and the 10 are presented with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 heart.

The classifications of AnTuTu They’re already a monthly tradition, much like the distribution charts for Android versions that Google hasn’t made available to us for a while, albeit luckily in the company’s case Benchmarking of Chinese origin, without missing his appointment for the time being the most powerful smartphones on the market till date.

With the data updated for the month of May, which we have just completed, we can already confirm this Unsurprisingly, 2021 will be another Qualcomm year, because as the GSMArena colleagues told us Snapdragon 888 dominates in an insulting way the finest range, while the Snapdragon 780 does the same with the industrial mid-range.

Almost insultingly, Qualcomm continues to dominate the mobile processor market.

And that counts on that new version 9 has arrived at the AnTuTu synthesis tests a few weeks ago, present now additional GPU tests including those of Vulkan and new CPU tests with memory, storage and user interface measurements.

The results between version 8, which was reached in April, and these new ones, which were achieved with the last AnTuTu update, are therefore not comparable, albeit certainly Nothing has changed under the sun as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 has the monopoly Top 10 of the most powerful Android phones.

The best high-end phones of 2021

These are the 10 cell phones flagship most powerful of the Android catalog

As you step in, you will see the Black Shark 4 Pro retain its throne as the top performing Android phone, followed by the new Red Magic 6 Pro and a OnePlus 9 Pro saving the honor of cellphones. ‘no playing’ this classification.

It is obvious that more specific cooling systems and these options Power boost usually common on phones for playing games, allows them to top the power rankings exercise after exercise.

In any case, once the classification is complete, we will see the OPPO Find X3 Pro in fourth place, descending from the podium in favor of the OnePlus model, leaving the vivo X60 Pro + in fifth place.

The mobile to play They later return to the ring with the IQOO 7 in sixth, the ASUS ROG Phone 5 in eighth and the Realme GT in ninth. Between OnePlus 9 (7th) and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (10th)who are removing the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro and the Mi 11 in their “normal” model from the list this month.

AnTuTu report May 2021

These are the top performing Android flagships according to AnTuTu results.

And here are the phones with the best mid-range features

As for the middle class, guess what The first prize goes to Xiaomi, which places the Mi 11 Lite 5G as the best cell phone of the compensated cut thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G chipset with 5-nanometer technology, which is postulated as the king of the middle class in 2021.

Definitely here Yes, we can find options from MediaTek and Huawei Opening the fan, although no Samsung Exynos, which suggests in the middle class there is still all the competition and differentiation that we lack in the most powerful terminals.

AnTuTu report May 2021

And in this infographic the top performing middle class in May 2021 according to AnTuTu.

In fact, second place is also for Xiaomi its Redmi 10X 5G, but this time you go for that 7 nanometer Dimensity 820 chipset. Third and the conclusion of the podium is that IQOO Z3 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G chipset and another focus Games at affordable prices.

This is where the Huawei party begins, yours HiSilicon Kirin 985 and Kirin 820 between fourth and seventh place. Eighth is the Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G with his Snapdragon 750G, and the ninth OPPO Reno5 5G with another Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G.

In tenth place we find the first Dimension 800U from MediaTek, mounted on a Redmi Note 9 5G that completes the classification and is already waiting for that Dimension 900 that should break this ranking when the OPPO Reno6 debuts in a couple of weeks.

The best mid-range phones of 2021

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