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Good bluetooth controllers that are fully compatible with your Android

Controls to get the most out of your smartphone.

Playing with cellphone is one thing that is very common mainly due to the fact that smartphones have gotten more powerful and this allows for higher graphics performance. However, it’s always a good idea to use a controller like this to enhance the experience good bluetooth controllers that are fully compatible with your android.

And the touch controls are fine for simple arcade games, but not for first-person shooters. Today we are going to show you some Android Compatible Bluetooth Controllers that They will greatly improve the experience you have while playing on the phone.

Choose the best bluetooth controller to have the best gaming experience with your Android.

Top of the best bluetooth controllers compatible with your Android

In this selection of compatible controllers to play with your Android you will find models of all categories, from cheapest to most expensive. Depending on your budget and your gaming needs, you can choose one or the other. Before you need to know, of course its main features.

  • Maegoo controller
  • Razer Junglecat
  • Jamswall remote control
  • Mcbazel remote control
  • Remote PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus
  • Lazmin remote control
  • GameSir T4 Pro controller
  • EasySMX remote control

Maegoo controller

Compatible with Android, Windows, PS3 and AndroidSmart TV, so you can use it with different devices. This Maegoo controller has a button layout similar to the Xbox that you have adapt to your play style with the ShootingPlus V3 app. Among its properties we also find Twin engines, enables the double vibration function.

It also comes with a cell phone holder so that the gaming experience is even better. In terms of autonomy, the 500 mAh battery allows it to be used during 13-15 hours of continuous play.

Razer Junglecat

The Razer Junglecat is one of the controls you can buy more bonus play with your smartphone. It has high quality finishes and an ergonomic design so you can play for hours without disturbing your hands. You can also integrate your smartphone into it not needing any assistance or using the remote control independently.

This Razer controller can be operated through a. connected to your Android App called Razer Gamepad, with which you can also open your favorite games directly and adjust the button settings. It’s loading via USB-Calthough you don’t have to do this every now and then, since the low consumption of the battery gives it an autonomy of up to 100 hours of playtime.

Jamswall remote control

In this case we have a Jamswall remote control that works via bluetooth but doesn’t have mobile support. In addition to compatibility with Android, it is also with that Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, PS3 and PC. We like this remote control first of all, its elegant aesthetic with colors in silver, red and blue.

The compatibility with the turbo function, the gyroscope function and the dual motor function is also interesting. Its autonomy isn’t bad for its price as it equips a 600 mAh battery that can do that Extend the lifespan up to 8 hours of playtime.

Mcbazel remote control

If you want an immersive experience, you can do it with this remote control. Just enter your terminal, Pair it using a bluetooth connection and start playing.

Without a doubt a very comfortable controller for playing games with your mobile phone and also with your computer Windows, your Android TV and your PlayStation 3. Of course, you have to keep in mind that if you want to enter your cell phone, it must 6.2 inches or less. Otherwise you will have to resort to support.

Remote PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus

A good Bluetooth controller for playing with your Android is this one from PowerA, especially ideal for playing Xbox xCloud gaming games. It has a very careful aesthetic, with a Mobile phone holder that can be removed a few centimeters. In addition, you can connect your mobile phone via cable as well as via Bluetooth.

The buttons on this remote control can be customized to your liking for an enhanced experience. As if that weren’t enough, thanks to its 3,000 mAh battery, the remote control can also charge the smartphone that you play with.

Lazmin remote control

Another option on the market is this Lazmin remote control with a beautiful black design with red details that will make a very positive difference to your purchase. To do this, the Integral carrier that can be both folded and extended to place the smartphone you are playing with there. This model is compatible with your Android phone and also with tablets, smart TVs, computers and PS3.

GameSir T4 Pro controller

This GameSir T4 Pro controller, which can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, has a special design. In particular, it has a semi-transparent cover that let the LED lights see which light up on the right.

It has a 6-axis gyroscope, vibration motor with 5 different speed levels, configurable buttons and detachable mobile phone holderto use it only when you need it. In terms of autonomy, it integrates a 600 mAh battery It extends its lifespan by a few hours, so you don’t always have to be connected to the USB cable.

EasySMX remote control

If you want a Bluetooth remote control with extensive autonomy, pay special attention to this one from EasySMX, the runs on two AA batteries which extend their lifespan for vibrating games up to 20 hours and for vibration-free games up to 90 hours. Has also Double vibration motor to enjoy a better gaming experience.

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