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Dead Zebra is launching an Android dark mode character that you will want to buy

The number of Android dark mode you want, yes or yes.

Android is the best mobile operating system in the world. Not only do we say that, but also the millions of users who enjoy it every day in all parts of the world. Hence there are Android fans and many. But not just fans of their cell phones but also his cute green robot named Andy, in honor of Andy Rubin, the creator of Android and also known for his scandals.

So if you also love the famous green Android robot, you’re in luck because Dead Zebra has just started a spectacular character based on Android’s dark mode. Really … it’s really cool!

This is the spectacular character from Android based on its dark mode

This is the spectacular Android character based on the Dark Mode from Dead Zebra dark

Dead Zebra is a Brooklyn-based studio under the direction of artist Andrew Bell. This studio is known for its exhibitions and for its collaboration with top brands and artists. He is also known for creating the Android characters that are so coveted around the world.

His new character is based on Android’s Dark Mode and if you’re a fan of Google’s operating system you’ll want to buy it. A three-inch (nearly eight-centimeter) figure with posable arms and plastic feelers that glows in the dark. All for just $ 10.

It should be noted that the quantities of these products are always somewhat limitedso they sell out in a few hours as they are highly valued items and quite difficult to come by. For all of this, all you have to do is go to Dead Zebra’s website and buy this lovely robot … dark color.

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