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This smartphone is the same as a Samsung Galaxy S21 but costs $ 2,600

This device is a Samsung Galaxy S21 but much more expensive.

It has always been said that one of the weakest points of Android, Google’s operating system, is its lack of privacy; which, by the way, has not been the case for many years. That is also true Security and data protection in Android could be significantly improved Hence, you always need to buy mobile devices that guarantee security updates and patches.

However, there are companies that continue to think about the security flaws of Android and want to sell us mobile devices with “extras” at really exorbitant prices. This is the case with this V3 from Sirin Labs, a mobile device that is still a Samsung Galaxy S21, but at a much higher price.

Sirin V3: a security-focused Samsung Galaxy S21 priced at $ 2,650

Would you pay $ 2,650 for a Galaxy S21 with security features?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the best terminals that we can purchase today. A really balanced fantastic terminal with great performance, design and photo department.

Well Sirin Labs, a cybersecurity company, has taken this interesting terminal, add a few extra security-oriented tools and sell it to us for a much higher price, about 2,650 euros. More or less what the luxury brand Caviar does, but without being so kitschy.

As the company itself states, the V3 has two separate work areas that can be easily changed. One is based on personal mode and another is based on work that keeps data and communication completely private. The first area allows you to install applications from the Google Play Store, while the second does not allow you to take screenshots.

The Sirin V3 is only sold with a configuration of 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. In the US it is sold with the Snapdragon 888 while in the rest of the world it is sold with the Exynos 2.100. The price is $ 2,650.

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