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The June 2021 Android update is now available for download, that’s his news

You can now download the June 2021 Android update which is filled with news for Pixel devices.

As usual, Google has the Monthly Android update the first Monday in June. The company has the. released Android security patch and update for this most recent period, both along with the security bulletin, which contains the vulnerabilities that have been fixed by Google and its partners in the past few weeks.

The Android update for June 2021 is available for download on Google Pixel devices from Pixel 3. The Pixel 2016 and Pixel 2 are no longer on the list of terminals supported by the latest versions of the system and security updates.

Samsung was able to do another month Be ahead of Google, and in the past few days it had already updated some of its models with the June patch. This has been happening since manufacturers have early access to the patch code and only need to adapt it to the firmware of their devices.

The June update includes new features for the Pixels.

A new “Feature Drop” comes with the June update on Pixel devices

In this case, it’s a Pixel Feature Drop update because Introduces functional changes and new features targeting Pixel series smartphones.

It’s also about them first security update published since Google released the beta of Android 12. So we know that this security patch and feature drop news will be included in Android 12’s second beta, which is imminent.

If you don’t want to wait for the update to arrive on your mobile phone, you can continue with the manual installation of the OTA file according to the June patch published by Google.

On the other hand, the security bulletin lists them all Vulnerabilities that have been fixed with this update, categorized according to the level of threat they pose to the platform. Some of them are specific performance and security improvements for Pixel phones.

The June 2021 Android security patch It will be released gradually via OTA over the next few hours and will gradually reach compatible models. However, it is already possible Download the appropriate update packages for each deviceto perform the manual installation either from the OTA file or from the factory image of each terminal:

All exclusive news about the Pixel

In addition to improvements in security and operation, the “Feature Drop” update on Pixel devices comes with interesting news.

The first is the possibility of Execute time lapse Use of Astrophotography mode included in the camera app.

Likewise, it was finally recorded Google Photos folder lock function with fingerprintas announced during Google I / O 2021.

In this sense, the camera app allows Directly save captured photos and videos to the private collection.

On the other hand, after installing this update, Google Pixel owners residing in Spain will be able to use the traffic accident detection feature on their devices.

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