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9 new games to try on your phone this week

Every week we collect the best games that have landed on Google Play in the past few days.

We’ll have to look back another week to see what they were the new games that hit the Google Play Store the whole last week. After we’ve picked the best new apps and games for Android for you this week, now we’re bringing you Top 9 new games, both free and paidyou can test this week on your Android smartphone.

We remind you that if the game interests you requires payment to play it or activate additional features, you always have the option to get this money using the following applications to get credit on Google Play.

These are the 9 best new games that hit the Play Store last week

Top new games for Android this week

  • Reminder stamp
  • Super slime rush
  • Psychofunk
  • Sudoku Plus
  • Not exactly a hero!
  • Save the sun
  • It’s going to get worse tomorrow
  • Pocket love
  • FlutterBoost

Reminder stamp

This new game for Android comes from the hand of Tepes Ovidiu, the same studio that is behind it Cessabit and not chess and as in the previous titles we find a puzzle game with a minimalist design that is very pleasing to the eye. Memory Stamps is a memory game in which you Remember the placement of the parts of each stamp and in which you have no time limit to solve every puzzle.

Memory Stamps is a game with no ads or in-app purchases and in order to play it we have to do it a one-time payment of 1.79 euros.

Super slime rush

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining game, Super Slime Rush is a title that will remind you of the successful game Fall guys and in which we have to driving a ball and overcoming obstacles that we meet on the way and avoid the ball from falling mucus* reach us.

To play Super Slime Rush we have to scratch our pockets, as in the previous case, there It costs 2.99 euros.


The third game in this selection is Psychofunk, a platform adventure in the purest style of the known Lemmings in which you have to move your character to reach the end of each phase in which you have to defeat a boss keep going.

Psychofunk is a game with no ads or in-app purchases that Cost of 4.99 euros.

Sudoku Plus

If you like crossword and especially sudoku games, you will love this new title because has many topics number Plus, it gives us a really fluid gaming experience.

Sudoku Plus is a totally free game this contains ads, although you can remove them through a one-time payment of 2.39 euros.

Not exactly a hero!

This title is an adventure novel in which you play the role of a normal person in charge of helping superheroesfor which you have to make many decisions that will affect the outcome of the game. One of the highlights of this game is that it features us up to nine different endings.

Not exactly a hero a free game with advertising that has In-app purchases from 1.09 to 4.39 euros.

Save the sun

Save the Sun is a fun platform game in which the aliens stole the sun and your mission is to Recover it little by little as you progress through the different stages of the game. As you go through phases You earn virtual money that you can use to buy new gigs, although you also have the option to unlock them all a payment of 2.04 euros.

This is a completely free game with ads, you have in-app purchases that go from 0.99 to 3.49 euros.

It’s going to get worse tomorrow

This title is a simple text adventure that requires you to choose between two options for each fork path and what has 25 possible endings, something that allows us to repeat it over and over to find all possible endings.

Tomorrow Will Be Worse is a game with no ads or in-app purchases and has a price of only 0.89 euros.

Pocket love

Pocket love

This game is a The Sims-style life simulation title that uses is about decorating your home, with all kinds of items that you can buy a virtual currency that you earn while playing.

Pocket love is a totally free game found in the Play Store under Early access modewhich means it is not the final version yet and may have some bugs.



FlutterBoost is a casual game in which You will shoot cats and rabbits at a range of birds to get as many points as possible and to overcome the different levels.

This is a free game with ads where you can make purchases at prices that go from 1.19 to 2.29 euros.

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