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iOS 15 will come to the iPhone from 2015, while the Pixels from 2018 will be left without Android 12

Apple is able to update its 2015 phones to the latest version of Android. Google is now giving up its 2018 models.

Apple presented at WWDC 2021 iOS 15.

Like every year, Apple has stopped supporting some of its older deviceswhich will not receive an update to iOS 15 after its release. However, the arrival of the new iOS version makes it clear to us once again the work that Google and its partners still have to do if you want to catch up with Apple in support.

Android 12 and iOS 15, the last two versions of the most widely used mobile operating systems.

iPhone 6s, the immortal phone that continues to receive updates six years later

After the presentation of iOS 15, Apple published the List of supported devices with the new version, consisting of a total of nineteen different iPhone models, from the latest iPhone 12 to the iPhone 6S.

do not forget that the 6S and its variant plus were launched in September 2015, on which models like the Samsung Galaxy S6, but the Google Pixel Generation 1 was still a year away from being introduced to the world by Google.

iPhone 6S

Six years later, the iPhone 6S continues to receive new versions of iOS.

So the iPhone 6S becomes the S. older phones that are still being updated with new versions of the operating system. There isn’t a single 2015 terminal in Android that has received Android 11 so far, let alone upgraded to Android 12.

This policy directly clashes with that of Google – and that of other Android device manufacturers – their The maximum support limit barely reaches three years, half of what Apple offers. Not even Google itself did it Extend the support period for your newest devices, so Android 12 only supports the Google Pixel released from 2019. If you still own a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, you might forget to get the latest version of the system.

Apple gives the option to keep the previous version of iOS

If there is any evidence of it Apple goes left over to system updates, is the last option introduced with iOS 15, which the company explains in more detail on the change page for the new version.

And according to Apple itself, those “comfortable” with the previous version of iOS will be able to choose update Your devices, or do not do it and will continue to receive security updates. Somehow, iOS 15 didn’t just copy some Android features; It also gives iPhone users the chance to experience one of Google’s biggest operating system problems for themselves: fragmentation.

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